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From our family to yours, we’re here to keep you fuelled with friendly services and reliably great coffee.

Here for your journey

As an Australian owned and family run business with over 30 years in the industry, we’ve always operated with a simple promise – to serve and support the regional communities of Victoria and New South Wales. Today we’re super proud of the way our team, products and services are delivering on that promise, yet we’re always looking for even better ways to surprise and delight.


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Everything we brew we brew for you

Bowser Bean cafes are comfy and clean well-equipped spaces where you can savour a meal, catch up on work, or just rest a while before continuing on your way.

Choose from a hot and cold food menu featuring all your family favourites as well as tempting daily specials. And however you love your coffee, we can keep your well-fuelled. Because not only do we fully train our baristas but we use Melbourne-roasted Beraldo beans and offer a range of specialty milks. So whether you want to kick-start your morning or need a pick-me-up at night you can trust that your Bowser Bean coffee is destined to hit the spot.

Where convenience is essential

For motorists in transit and locals looking to stock up and save time, convenience is key. Visitors are welcomed by our friendly team and atmosphere, and café food and coffee that actually taste good. But let’s not forget that they can grab and go essentials like groceries, auto accessories, phone cards, City Link passes, BBQ gas cylinders, fire wood, fishing licenses, ice, trailer hire and more.

Our carefully selected range of quality items won’t overwhelm, and with fast and easy transactions you’ll be all sorted and on your way in no time.